Compare monthly costs of different rate plans

Select a rate plan and estimate your total bill for any given month. Most of the fields show average customer usage data, but you can use your own bill data to get a more accurate estimate.

Select a rate plan and a month of the year to estimate your natural gas costs based on an average household.

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* Monthly usage and DDDC vary by household.

† AGL assesses base charges (pass through charges) to all natural gas customers in its service territory. To learn more, please visit the Atlanta Gas Light website.

Customer Service Charge

This field will auto-fill with the Customer Service Charge associated with the rate plan you select. If you select “other,” you will need to input this charge.

Projected Usage

This field will auto-fill with our average customer therm usage for the month you select. If you know your specific usage, or need to adjust this number, simply enter a different number.

Dedicated Design Day Capacity (DDDC)

This field will auto-fill with our average customer DDDC. Your DDDC is listed on your bill. DDDC represents the amount of space reserved on the gas pipeline for you on the coldest day of the year, and is used to calculate AGL pass-through charges.