What is the Regulated Provider Program?

The Regulated Provider Program was established as a provision of the Natural Gas Consumers' Relief Act to provide natural gas service to low-income residential consumers and consumers who are unable to obtain or maintain service from a gas provider.

What is the difference between the Regulated Provider and a gas marketer?

The Regulated Provider's price of natural gas is subject to regulation by the Georgia Public Service Commission and other gas providers' prices are not.

Who is the current Regulated Provider?

The Georgia Public Service Commission awarded SCANA Energy another term as the Regulated Provider, a role that SCANA Energy has maintained since 2002.

Isn't SCANA Energy a gas marketer? How can SCANA Energy serve as the Regulated Provider?

Yes. The Regulated Provider bid process was open to all certificated marketers in Georgia. Although SCANA Energy is a certificated gas provider, it serves customers as the Regulated Provider separately from its deregulated business.

Can anyone get service with the Regulated Provider?

The legislation that created the Regulated Provider identifies who is eligible for the program, as defined in how to qualify.

Group 1, low income residential consumers; and

Group 2, firm natural gas consumers:

  1. Who have been unable to obtain or maintain natural gas commodity service; or
  2. Whose utility payment history was cited by the Regulated Provider as reason for transfer from Group 1 to Group 2.
How do I determine if I am eligible for service from the Regulated Provider?

To receive service from the Regulated Provider as a low-income consumer (Group 1), you will need to meet the low-income requirements established by the Department of Human Services (DHS). Contact the DHS at 1.877.423.4746 for the Community Action agency in your area. The Community Action Agency will explain the requirements and assist you in signing up for service. You are not required to apply for LIHEAP to receive service from the Regulated Provider. The Community Action Agency will qualify you or, if you have been approved for LIHEAP, you are automatically qualified to receive service from the Regulated Provider. Qualifications for the Regulated Provider Program are performed year round. The only requirement to qualify for the program as a credit-challenged (Group 2) consumer is the inability to obtain or maintain gas service from another marketer.

What is LIHEAP?

LIHEAP is a federally funded program administered by DHS to help low-income households meet their heating and cooling needs. To qualify for LIHEAP, a consumer must meet the following requirements:

  1. Household's total income is at or below:
    1-person household $28,058
    2-person household $36,690
    3-person household $45,324
    4-person household $53,957
    5-person household $62,591
    6-person household $71,224
    7-person household $72,842
    8-person household $74,461

    *For households with 9 or more persons, add $1,618 for each additional person.

  2. Proof of income for all household members 18 and older for the past 30 days
  3. Social Security cards for all household members
  4. Most recent Gas and Electric Bill for household
  5. Georgia ID or Passport
Will my rate be lower with the Regulated Provider than with another marketer?

The rate you are charged will be determined by the plan you select. Additionally, low-income senior citizens will receive a per therm discount of five cents. However, there is no guarantee that the Regulated Provider's prices will always be less than the deregulated market. The rate for Group 2 customers may be higher than the current market rates to offset the added costs and risks associated with serving these customers.

What type of pricing plans does the Regulated Provider offer?

SCANA Energy offers two pricing plans as the Regulated Provider: A variable rate plan is available to all Regulated Provider customers. This price per therm is subject to change based on market conditions. A fixed rate plan is also available to all Regulated Provider customers. The effective price per therm at the time you select the plan will determine the per therm price you will be charged per month. Gas service will be billed monthly at a fixed price per therm and consumers choosing this plan will be required to stay on the plan for a specified period of time.

What is the monthly customer service charge?

The customer service charge is $1.50 for Group 1 senior residential customers, $3.50 for Group 1 non-senior customers, and $8.95 for Group 2 customers.

Will I have to pay a deposit with the Regulated Provider?

The deposit for Group 1 customers under SCANA Energy's terms of service will not exceed $100. The deposit for Group 2 customers will not exceed $150.

How do I sign up with the Regulated Provider?

If you have received LIHEAP funds within the past year, you may be able to apply for service from the Regulated Provider right away. If you have not previously received LIHEAP funds, but may still qualify as a low-income consumer, call DHS at 1.877.423.4746 and they will refer you to the Community Action Agency that services your area. The Community Action agency will verify your eligibility and forward your information to SCANA Energy. After your eligibility has been determined, call SCANA Energy Regulated Division at 1.866.245.7742. You will need to supply your full legal name (as it appears on your Social Security card), date of birth, Social Security number and address where the service is to be established. Please allow seven days to have gas service turned on. If you are switching from a deregulated gas marketer, please allow up to 45 days for your billing to be switched to SCANA Energy Regulated Division. If your natural gas service is presently disconnected or is in danger of being disconnected, you may qualify for the program.

Can I switch to the Regulated Provider if I still owe money to my current marketer?

If you qualify for Group 1, you may switch to the Regulated Provider regardless of your collection status with your current marketer. You are entitled to switch without loss of service as well. If you do not qualify for Group 1, but have been disconnected from the system, you may receive service from the Regulated Provider under Group 2. However, if you are currently with a marketer and owe an outstanding balance, you may not be able to switch to the Regulated Provider under Group 2 without losing service. If the marketer has billed you in a timely manner and has properly notified you that a disconnection is pending, it is possible that you may lose service prior to switching to the Regulated Provider.

How do I qualify for money saving incentives?

If you are a Group 2 customer and you have paid your account in full and on time for most the recent six consecutive months, your customer service charge will be reduced to $6.95 and the therm rate will be reduced to five cents ($0.05) off the published Regulated Provider Group 2 Variable price option therm rate.